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Skill relatedness Germany

In collaboration with Anne Otto and Antje Weyh of the IAB in Germany, we created skill-relatedness estimates for Germany. These estimates describe for detailed industries how stronglyu they are connected through labor flows (which we argue, reflects similarities in the industries'; human capital requirements. Datasets that describe this relation for industries defined according to several different classification systems (wz73, wz93 - NACE 1.0, wz03 - NACE 1.1, wz08 - NACE 2.0), as well as for occupations in Germany, can be downloaded here. Documentation of these data can be downloaded here. When using these data, please cite the following paper as a reference:

Neffke, F., Otto, A. and Weyh, A., 2017.Inter-industry labor flows. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 142C: 275-292.

Skill relatedness Sweden

This file contains the skill-relatedness estimates that are derived in the article “Skill-relatedness and firm diversification.” In the article, labor flows to newly established plants are excluded from the analyses to avoid any circularity in the calculation of skill-relatedness and diversification events. However, in this version, we maximize the available information and also include the labor flows to new plants when calculating skill-relatedness. The file consists of four columns:

(1)     ind_1: SNI03 (NACE 1.1) code for the industry of origin
(2)     ind_2: SNI03 (NACE 1.1) code for the industry of destination
(3)     SR: skill-relatedness from the industry of origin to the industry of destination
(4)     p: p-value of SR

For a detailed description of the methodology behind the skill-relatedness estimates and the calculation of the p-values, you are referred to the article and its supplementary online material. Any use of these data should be accompanied by the following reference:

Neffke FMH, Henning M. 2013. Skill-relatedness and firm diversification. Strategic Management Journal, 34(3), pp.297-316.

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