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79 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (USA)

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79 JFK Street, Box 34, Cambridge, MA 02138 (USA)
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Published work

Neffke F., Otto A., Weyh A. (2017). Inter-industry labor flows. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 142C: 275-292. Data can be downloaded here, documentation here.

Coscia M., Neffke F. (2017). Network backboning with noisy data. ICDE, 425-436.

Neffke F., Henning M. (2013). Skill relatedness and firm diversification. Strategic Management Journal 34(3): 297-316. (EMAEE best paper award, DRUID most imaginative paper award). Download Stata code.

Neffke F, Henning M., Boschma R. (2011). The impact of ageing and technological relatedness on agglomeration externalities: a survival analysis. Journal of Economic Geography, 12(2): 485-517.

Neffke F., Henning M., Boschma R. (2011). How do regions diversify over time? Industry relatedness and the development of new growth paths in regions.  Economic Geography 87(3):237-265.

Neffke F., Henning M., Boschma R., Lundquist K.J. & Olander L.O. (2011). The dynamics of agglomeration externalities along the life cycle of industries. Regional Studies 45(1):  49-65. 


Working papers

Coworker complementarity Neffke_Hartog_etal2013

Agents of structural change, with Matté Hartog, Ron Boschma and Martin Henning Neffke_Hartog_etal2013

The workforce of pioneer plants, with Ricardo Hausmann Pioneer_plants

The mobility of displaced workers: How the local industry mix affects job search strategies, with Anne Otto and César Hidalgo Pioneer_plants

Inter-industry labor flows, with Anne Otto and Antje WeyhInter_industry_labor_flows

Human capital mismatches along the career path, with Ljubica Nedelkoska

Inter-industry linkages in local economies, with Martin Henning

Revealed Relatedness: Mapping Industry Space, with Martin Henning.

Time-Varying Agglomeration Externalities in UK Counties between 1841 and 1971.

My PhD thesis (2009)
Productive Places, the influence of technological change and relatedness on agglomeration externalities.
If you are interested in a physical copy you can send me an e-mail with your address details. A digital copy can be downloaded here: PhD_thesis